The Withdrawal process at Niagara College is designed to ensure that you, as an international student, are well informed. If you are a current Niagara College student or in Canada, the withdrawal process requires you to attend two meetings with your student advisor that will provide you with guidance and important information related to your academic program, your student permit and the refund process, if applicable. Niagara College is dedicated to ensuring that all international students are well informed and have the opportunity to have their questions answered before making final decisions to ensure you are in the right position to achieve your educational goals while in Canada.

Please note if you are a current Niagara College student or in Canada, meetings are mandatory to withdraw from your program; if you do not attend your scheduled meeting (in-person if in Ontario or virtual if out of Ontario), it is assumed you are no longer interested in withdrawing and you will not be eligible for a refund.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy:

Students that withdraw from Niagara College are assessed their refund based on the following calculation as determined by the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities. Withdrawal requests must be received no later than the tenth (10th) day of the term being withdrawn from.

International Tuition fees ÷ Domestic Tuition Fees X $500

Note: Students that are withdrawing as a result of a study permit or visa refusal are eligible for a full refund less $200 CAD administrative fee.  Proof of study permit or visa refusal is required.

Niagara College students are required to hold a 1st stage approval in principle of their study permits by September 22nd in order to continue studying in their program.  If a student does not have an Approval In Principle by this date, they should request a withdrawal or deferral to a later term. Students and agents are required to advise Niagara College on or before September 22nd if an Approval In Principle has not been received.


Niagara College’s international student withdrawal and refund policy has been temporarily amended to accommodate the new two-stage study permit approval process that IRCC introduced in July 2020 for the 2020 Fall term.

COVID 19 – 2 Stage Visa Approval Process  – Withdrawal and Refund Policy Amendment

Students who receive their stage 1 study permit approval (AIP or Approval in Principle), and then subsequently receive a refusal of their study permit in stage 2, will be eligible to withdraw and apply for a full refund of their tuition and fees paid less a $200 CAD Administrative fee for the 2020 Fall semester, based on the following:

  1. You have provided NC with proof of stage 1 approval and stage 2 refusal within 30 days of IRCC issuing your stage 2 refusal;
  2. You officially request to withdraw from your studies through the following withdrawal process ( before December 1, 2020;
  3. You haven’t knowingly misled or misrepresented your study permit application with fraudulent documents or had pre-existing medical conditions that would make your completed study permit application be refused.

COVID -19 – Stage 2 Applicants 

**Niagara College is extending the deadline for the submission of second-stage study permit approvals until December 1st, 2020.***

Further extensions for the last day to withdraw or defer will be considered on a case by case basis for applicants who have a stage 2 study permit approval and will be based on regional visa application centre (VAC) and biometric centre closures as a result of COVID-19.

Refunds will be processed in accordance with the Niagara College standard refund process.

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