Housing Options

If you prefer to experience college life on-campus, consider living in Residence – a modern, clean and comfortable building. Residence accommodations are only steps away from the main campus buildings and feature double or quad occupancy suite styles. Each suite is fully furnished with a kitchen table, chairs, refrigerator, microwave and bathroom. If you are interested in staying in Residence, apply early as space is limited.

NC Housing Guide

This Housing Guide is made available to help families and students experience fulfilling and memorable relationships.

Our International Housing Advisor can help you explore your housing options at Niagara College and improve your Canadian experience. Most students choose to stay in Homestay, but on-campus residences and off-campus apartments are also available options.

Housing Visual Guide

We re here to support you with your housing.

Housing Advisor: [email protected]

Welland Campus:

905-735-2211 ext. 7763

Daniel J. Patterson Campus

905-641-2252 ext. 4190

Please be aware that as of May 1st, 2023 the monthly fee for homestay and landing pad will be $950.


Living with a Canadian family will be a very rewarding experience that you will never forget. Once you have your confirmation of who your homestay family is, you will be able to contact them and begin to develop a lifelong friendship. You will have many questions to ask and having these questions answered will help you to adjust more quickly to your life as a student at Niagara College.

Landing Pad

Welcome to the Niagara College Landing Pad. The program is designed to provide International Students with 30 days of safe accommodation. Hosts support students through the provision of a home & two meals per day, while the college offers information and adjustment help.

On-Campus Residence

NC’s Residence Suites are designed for those students who want to experience living among other students, yet still wish to maintain a little privacy. You will have your own furnished bedroom and share kitchen and washroom facilities with one other student. Each bedroom includes a television and internet connection. Students must buy and cook their own meals. The kitchen includes a fridge and microwave.

Off-Campus Housing

Many great accommodations are within reasonable travel time from all two campuses. Be it at the Welland or NOTL Campus, enjoy our Niagara charm and have the advantage of affordable, safe, quality housing. Please choose Housing close to your campus of study. Niagara College neither supervises nor regulates rentals, but have the following online resources to assist in your search for Housing.
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