Insurance Coverage


When you receive your insurance card, you will also receive a copy of the policy. If you are unsure what is covered by your insurance policy, do not hesitate to contact the International Department or directly at 1-877-USE-THIS.

Generally, all urgent care is covered by your insurance policy. If you are sick, your insurance will cover the cost of your medical care. If your condition is non-urgent, it may not be covered by your insurance policy.

To see what is covered in your policy see:


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Making a Claim

While some medical providers will bill directly, you may have to pay for the services you receive and then file a claim to be reimbursed for your expenses. Claim forms can be picked up from the International Department or through the website.

Original receipts and an explanation of why you went to the doctor must be provided. The completed claim forms and receipts can be mailed to the address listed.


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Hospitals and walk-in clinics in the Niagara Region

In emergency situations, it is important that you do not hesitate about going to a hospital. Emergencies can be loss of consciousness, broken bones or poisoning.

Niagara Health – St Catharines Site
1200 Fourth Avenue, St Catharines, L2S 0A9

Niagara Health – Greater Niagara General Site
5546 Portage Road, Niagara Falls, L2E 6X2

Scott Street Medical Centre – MedCare Clinics
387 Scott Street, Unit A2C St. Catherines, L2M 3W2, Phone: 905-646-8383

Niagara Health – Welland Site
65 Third Street, Welland, L3B 4W6

Prompt Doc – Urgent Care Clinic
532 lake Street, St. Catherines ON, L2N 4H4

Real Health Family Medicine & Walk-In Clinic (Seaway Mall) – 800 Niagara St. North, Unit G1
Welland, L3C 5Z4, Phone: 905-732-4451 X 5

MedCare Clinics ( Pen Center) 221 Glendale Avenue
St. Catharines, L2T 2K9, Phone(905) 687-4252

MedCare Clinics (Niagara Square) 7555 Montrose Road, Unit E2 Niagara Falls, L2H 2E9, Phone(289) 292-0441

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Welland General Hospital
65 Third Street, Welland, L3B 4W6

Prompt Doc  – Address: 532 Lake St, Saint Catharines ON L2N 4H4
Phone: 905-646-0015

Med Care Clinic Niagara Square – 7555 Montrose Road, Unit E2
Niagara Falls, L2H 2E9, Phone: 289-292-0441

Greater Niagara General Hospital
5546 Portage Road, Niagara Falls, L2E 6X2

Med Care Clinic  – 387 Scott Street, Unit A2C
St. Catharines, L2M 3W2, Phone: 905-646-8383

Frequently asked questions

Does my insurance cover dental care?
Your insurance will pay up to $600 CAD for dental work for the relief of acute pain and suffering.


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How long does it take to get my money back?
Typically it takes 2-3 weeks.

Am I covered anywhere in Canada?
Yes, you are covered anywhere in Canada with no restrictions.

What if I have lost or not received my insurance card?
Please contact the International Student Advisor.