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This page provides international applicants with up-to-date program availability details for all Niagara College full-time programs.

Important Information

  • Niagara College promotes diversity and inclusion in its academic programs. Program availability may vary from the website's listed status for some applicants. For more information, please contact your Global Business Development Manager.
  • Admission requirements apply. Additional pre-admission or program requirements may apply. Please visit the pre-admission requirements page or go to the program's webpage for details.
  • Academic terms at Niagara College can vary based on many conditions.
  • A standard academic term is 15-weeks in length. This includes seven weeks of instruction, a one-week academic break and is followed by another seven-weeks of instruction.
  • In some cases, the duration of a program's academic term may vary based on the following conditions: a condensed program delivery and/or the inclusion of a work placement or internship. Additional variables may apply.
  • A standard academic year includes two terms. For most programs starting in January and May, the first 4 terms are completed consecutively (no break term between terms 1 and 4).
  • In most cases, advanced diplomas starting in January and May include a 1-term break between terms 4 and 5.
  • Academic terms do not include co-op work placement terms. To view co-op work terms, if applicable, please select your program of interest.
  • For more information about the duration of a program, please visit the program's information page.
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Accepting applications


Applications will be placed on a waiting list, and assessed if program capacity permits


No longer accepting applications


No longer offered this term

Niagara College reserves the right to limit program availability based on established partner agreements and availability may vary by registered education agency and/or institutional partner for specific regions.


Admission requirements apply.

Additional pre-admission or program requirements may apply. Please visit our pre-admission requirements page or go to the program's web page for details.

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Last Updated December 3, 2022 01:16 PM EST
Some programs offered by Niagara College are considered high-demand, which means that there are more qualified applicants for the program than there are seats available for the term start date.
In order to be considered for admission into these programs, applicants MUST apply and provide ALL required documentation on or before the Equal Consideration Date. After this date, seats in highly competitive programs may be filled and applications to these programs may be closed.