After Acceptance

Setting up your MyNC Student Account:

Once you have received your Niagara College Letter of Acceptance, set up your MyNC Student Portal Account. A video tutorial to assist in your account creation – found here:

Once you have successfully completed your MyNC Student Portal account setup, log into your portal to accept your offer of admission. This is particularly important if you have been accepted to more than one program, as we will need to know which program you intend to study and to apply your payment to.

Making Payment:

Ensure that your tuition fees are paid by the due date indicated in your letter of acceptance. If payment is not received by this date, you will risk having your offer of admission revoked. Students are encouraged to refer to the Estimation of Fees page in their offer package to understand the required payment amount, and can visit our Tuition Payment webpage for further information on accepted methods of payment.

Submit Outstanding Documents

If you received a letter of acceptance with outstanding conditions (located on page 5/6 of Letter of Acceptance Package under Conditions of Acceptance), confirm the required supporting academic documents are submitted by the deadlines indicated. Applicants with outstanding conditions are not permitted to register in courses and will risk of having their offer revoked if their Conditions of Acceptance are not satisfied prior to the stated deadline.

Applicants may submit their outstanding documents through our Submission Portal, or by emailing [email protected] (please include your NC Student ID number).

All students must review their program requirements as there may be additional requirements for your studies, such as Co-op, Technology, Communicable Disease Surveillance, First Aid, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Level C, Physical Fitness, Transportation, Criminal Record Checks. To find out what is required for your program go to your program’s webpage through our Niagara College website, and review all information found under the Admission Requirements tab.

To find out if your program has additional requirements:

  • Visit our Niagara College website
  • Search and visit your programs web page
  • Review all information located under the Admission Requirements tab

Once you receive your Letter of Acceptance package, it is important to begin the process of applying for your Canadian immigration documents (such as your study permit and temporary resident visa), as this process can be quite lengthy depending on the country that you are applying from and what documents are required for your application. Your application can be made at a Canadian Embassy, Consulate or High Commission in your country. You must have a valid study permit before beginning your studies at any Niagara College campus.

For additional resource information about immigration documents, please visit our International Student Advisors webpage.

For information on current immigration processing times, please visit the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship webpage.

Please note: send approved study permit to Niagara College as soon as possible.

Ensure that you have made plans for where you intend to live during your studies and before you start classes.

Whether you choose Residence, Off-Campus Housing, Landing Pad or Homestay, each housing option presents a unique opportunity to be introduced to Canadian culture and the Niagara community.

When deciding where you will live, please keep in mind how close you will be to your campus of study.

If you are planning on staying in on-campus housing, or require assistance with locating off-campus housing, please visit our Housing webpage for further information.

All International students are provided the opportunity for a insurance policy, which is included in your fees. If you intend to arrive to Canada prior to your programs start date as outlined in your Letter of Acceptance, our insurance provider offers Supplemental Insurance to ensure that you, and your dependents, are covered in case of an emergency or medical concern.

If you have on-going medical concerns, you are encouraged to bring any required documentation when you travel to allow doctors in Canada to quickly assess your condition. Additionally, students are eligible to purchase supplemental insurance for costs that are not covered through the International Student policy provided.

Important Note

It is important for all students to ensure their personal and contact information remain up to date in their MyNC Student Portal – Please visit our “How-to: Update your Contact Information” for further instructions. Once you confirm where you will be living in Canada, it is important to once again update your address.

Niagara College relies on this to keep you informed of important information as you prepare to begin your studies. Additionally, students should actively monitor their Niagara College Outlook email, as important material including (but not limited to) additional program information and requirements (Co-op, Technology, Communicable Disease Surveillance, First Aid, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Level C, Physical Fitness, Transportation, Criminal Record Checks), upcoming events including Orientation and Convocation, and other College-related communications are shared.