This article was published on: November 13th, 2020

To ensure that the information we share is consistent, accurate, and confirmed, Niagara College will only issue college-wide advisories when Niagara Region Public Health advises us or confirms that an individual who has tested positive has been on campus and other individuals are at risk.

In all cases, Niagara College will also continue to work with Niagara Region Public Health to ensure that anyone who is at risk due to a positive case on campus is contacted directly by Niagara Region Public Health.

If Niagara Region Public Health determines that an outbreak has occurred in a college facility – ie: where it is determined that transmission has occurred between two or more people within a college facility – Niagara College will advise all students and employees, and follow the guidance and direction of Niagara Region Public Health regarding additional communications or actions.

The full process for a positive case on campus, including the communications protocol, is available here: https://www.niagaracollege.ca/covid19/procedures/