Yeonjun Kim

Yeonjun Kim


GwangJu, South Korea


Electrical Engineering Technician



My #NCInternational experience:

Before coming to Canada I worried that living and studying in the new country would be very challenging. I stopped worrying about this, however, on my very first day at Niagara College because I realized that I wasn’t alone. There were many other international students like myself and the staff at the International Division were very helpful in making us all feel welcomed. Thanks to the support I received from the faculty, staff and new friends I made at the College, I finished my program successfully and with many unforgettable memories.

My advice to future NC international students:

Open your heart and mind to new cultures and be active in the school community. You’ll meet other international students who will know exactly what you’re experiencing and will want to get to know more about you as you will about them.