Nickita Dcunha

Nickita Dcunha




Tourism Management - Business Development


Be World Ready


Disney World, Florida

My trip to Disney world was not only magical but it was also combined with a lovely learning experience. The Disney Youth Education Series (YES) program is combined of three workshops, based on Leadership, Teamwork and Culture – skills that are competitive in today’s industry. The interactive sessions not only offer practical experience but it also offers a unique combination of functional, managerial, theoretical study led to the industry. The main goals of the sessions were to understand team dynamics and build upon team trust, support and mutual concern and to be able to articulate the critical need for clear and precise communication.

The whole Disney experience has not only given me memories of a lifetime but it has also taught me how to be a successful leader and create a working environment that is enjoyable for everyone. Small details like the stop-start – and continue method that Disney uses will not only help me achieve my personal goals but will also help me be a leader that I hope to become. The interactive challenges have not only tested my knowledge and made me more of an extrovert but it has also expanded my career goals.

My advice to students interested in the Be World Ready program

Take advantage of all the facilities, services, social activities and undoubtedly the $500 grant offered by Be World Ready. Participating in the Be World Ready program not only helps you explore other cultures, enhance your resume and personal growth, but it is also a great way to learn new things, network and make new friends.

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