Nick Junchen


Jiangsu, China


Culinary Management



My #NCInternational experience:

When I arrived at university, I discovered that the the major I had selected was not what I wanted for myself. There were a lot of presentations and discussions about textbook material in university and not any hands-on learning. I decided to take some time off from university and during that time I discovered that college was the path for me. I liked that NC offered two and three year program options because my goal was to enter the workforce as soon as possible. When I arrived at NC, I was able to finally try things for myself and apply what I learned in class to my co-op placement. Coming to NC helped me establish my career goals and eventually I’d like to own a restaurant and offer the perfect combination of Chinese and Western food. I am really enjoying the culinary management program and when somebody says the food I make is delicious, I feel very successful.