Leandro Silva De Almeida


Salvador, Brazil


Construction Engineering Technology



My #NCInternational experience:

My most memorable moments as an international student at Niagara College were when I won my awards and gave the valedictorian speech. The three awards I received will always be special because they represent the effort I put into my studies at NC. The valedictorian speech was unforgettable because I was able to share my successes with my classmates by inviting them to the stage with me during my speech. I was happy I could do that.

Getting to know the world right on campus is the biggest advantage of being an NC International student. I didn’t just learn about other cultures while studying at Niagara College, I lived them through my interaction with my peers. That is priceless.

My advice to future NC international students:

Dedicate yourself to your studies and make friends because they will become your family away from your family.

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