Landry Wamba Talom




Computer Programmer Analyst



My #NCinternational experience

When I came to NC, I was a little scared and shy because I was new, but the first week of school, NC organized a lot of activities and events to have fun with new students and helped us adapt very quily . My best moment was during the Karaoke night. In addition, because of the opportunities that NC offers us, I became Pal Mentor and International Ambassador in my first years of study. In addition, being involved in different volunteer activities helped me to get a lot of experiences in NC. In addition, many departments provide us with all the services we need to succeed in our studies. I chose to come to NC because it has a good reputation and the teachers do a great job of teaching students. Choosing NC was my best decision about my studies since I came to Canada. So, I’m very happy to be an international student at Niagara College.

My advice for future NC international students

My advice for future NC international students is to get involved in defferent volunteer they can because it will help them to built a strong CCR(Co-Curicular Record). Also, I advice them to participate in many activities and events that NC organize because it will help them to make friends and connection.