Duo Ma




Educational Assistant - Special Needs Support



My #NCInternational experience:

Three years ago I came to Canada alone and Niagara College helped me a lot as I adjusted to my new life. I made friends at the college, learned new skills and became a 2.0 version of myself. After a year, I decided I wanted to become an International Student Assistant (ISA) so I could help other international students like me. The skills I developed while studying and working at Niagara College helped me find a full-time job as a Disability Support Worker after I graduated and that was a big accomplishment. I am going to continue working towards more goals and will never forget that Niagara College opened the first door to my dreams.

My advice for future NC International students:

Try your best to practice English! Make friends, have fun and enjoy your time at Niagara College. Adjusting to a new life in Canada might be difficult at first but don’t be afraid and don’t give up. One day you are going to appreciate all the challenges that helped you grow.