Students get their first taste of Canada at NC’s Canada Day celebration July 2


Canada day came to NC as the College hosted its own celebrations July 2.

Hosted in partnership with NC’s Centre for Student Engagement and Leadership (CSEL), NC Student Administrative Council (NCSAC) and the International Division, the event drew nearly 500 students at both campuses, who had the opportunity to taste some of Canada’s favourite treats free of charge, including a build-your-own poutine and ice cream sundae bar.

Students could also participate in games and activities to earn special NC currency that allowed them to buy NC swag. Easy point-scorers included wearing red and white, anything Canada themed or the ‘Canadian tuxedo’ by wearing all denim.

For many students, NC’s Canada Day was also their first experience in a Canadian classroom as July 2 also marked the first day of classes for NC’s Short-term English for Academic Preparation (EAP) program. Designed for secondary school (high school) graduates and English as a Second language (ESL) learners, EAP aims to strengthen all areas of English Language skill development with the ultimate goal of preparing students for the workforce or to allow them to continue their studies in one of NC’s undergraduate or graduate programs.

“It’s very nice to have this time here, especially after the stress of the mid-term tests,” said Libania, a student in Niagara College’s English for Academic Preparation (EAP) program. Upon trying poutine for the first time in her life, Libania labelled it “delicious.”

“This is an opportunity to share Canada’s culture and heritage with our international students, especially the new winter and spring enrollment students,” said Niagara College Student Administrative Council president Tom Price. “NCSAC, like Canada, supports inclusivity, and including all students in this celebration is the essence of Canada’s warm, welcoming, supportive heritage.”

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