Develop the skills you need to succeed at Niagara College

Gain the skills you need to successfully adjust to your Canadian academic program. 

The six-day CAPP program gives you knowledge of applied learning, academic integrity, classroom expectations, and the use of Niagara College’s learning management system. 

The program is delivered for six hours a day in a city near your home town in India. Over the duration of the program, you develop foundational and core academic learning skills that enable a smooth transition to Niagara College.

Note: CAPP is an academic preparation program delivered in India and is a mandatory requirement for applicants that have a condition of a foundation program on their acceptance package. Applicants that do not have this condition are not eligible for the CAPP program.

Please see page 4 of your Acceptance Package titled “Conditions of Acceptance” to view if you are required to attend CAPP..

Attendance is Required

Students that received a condition to attend the foundation program as part of their acceptance package are required to attend CAPP in order to maintain their current admission status. Non-attendance may result in a revocation of admission and require a deferral of the application to a later term.

For questions

Please contact the Niagara College International Division India CAPP Helpline at +91 97794 28866