Student Connections

Niagara College Canada strives to create world-ready and work-ready graduates. To encourage student success, growth and inclusivity, the College offers many services and programs for current and prospective students to support them in and outside of the classroom. Below are three unique opportunities to connect students with others from their home countries or other parts of the world, to either open doors to new experiences, help with academic and professional success, or make them feel even more at home in Canada.


Remember when you were finalizing your plans to study at Niagara College? Did you wish for more pre/post-arrival support to help smooth your transition to life in Canada? Since you have successfully walked this path before, we think that you are the best resource for supporting new students!


Global Connections This program connects Canadian students with International students in a partnership to promote learning from one another. The goal of Global Connections is to introduce students to a cross-cultural experience. Each connection between an International and Canadian Student is positive, valuable and mutually beneficial. Global Connections will also be hosting large and small events and activities for both Canadian and International students to interact in different social settings.

Ukrainian students


The Be World Ready program at Niagara College prepares you for global success through education, exchange and international experience. This program offers you the opportunity to experience culturally diverse learning environments, understand different perspectives and connect practical skills with a global mindset to help you launch your career.