Pursuing global reach through global engagement

This article was published on: May 18th, 2022

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A message from NC’s Director of Global Engagement, Holly Catalfamo, Ed.D:

As an advocate for global engagement, it is exciting to celebrate that Niagara College has been recognized for its exceptional global work. Last month, NC was presented with a silver award in the category of Excellence in Global Engagement at Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan)’s 2022 Awards of Excellence ceremony, held during their annual conference in Halifax. This achievement is based on the collective efforts towards global initiatives across the college. For example, in 2021, Global Engagement collaborated with 14 internal departments/academic divisions, engaged over 40 internal experts providing global professional development opportunities for team members, and supported capacity building in over 20 nations world-wide, as well as to our United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) International Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (UNEVOC) network.

In addition to a new organizational structure as a result of Global Business Development (previously known as International Recruitment) shifting under the Global Engagement division, there have been a number of staffing changes as well. We are happy to share these developments including the new names of the departments, the leadership team responsible for leading the changes, and an overview of the roles and responsibilities within each department. Our talented team of visionary leaders and team members have the passion and energy to make a positive impact in each of the four portfolios within the division, including: Global Business Development, led by Associate Director, Scott Slaney; Global Campus Operations, led by Manager, Orel Ruiz; Global Customized Training and Consulting, led by Manager Cindy Andrews; and Global Education Projects, led by Manager, Quinn de Vries.

We look forward to expanding our work with our partners across the College and around the world, as Niagara College strengthens its reputation as Canada’s leading global college.

Global Business Development

Two key pillars of Niagara College’s success as a leading global college include Bringing the World to Niagara and Bringing Niagara to the World. To achieve these goals, the Global Business Development team manages international student recruitment, global business partnership prospecting and relationship development, and global governmental relations, and supports student transition. Each of these functions are paramount in developing NC’s presence in Canada and around the world.

Global Business Development includes spearheading recruitment initiatives for international students; management of educational agency partnerships; development of leads for institutional partners and pathways; providing global market intelligence to identify in-demand programs; and partnering with international student services and academic areas. Team members are key in prospecting institutional and corporate global clients and partnerships and in negotiating contracts for customized global programs. Global government relations include establishing and maintaining government relationships for the purposes of business development and international student recruitment and developing scholarship programs to support international students studying at NC.

Global Campus Operations

The Global Campus Operations (GCO) team develops and manages partnerships with institutions within Canada and around the world to deliver carefully selected NC programming and increase global access to quality education. These types of partnerships include Public-College-Private-Partnerships (PCPP) within Canada under the Ministry of Colleges and Universities’ (MCU) binding policy. Niagara College-Toronto is an example of a PCPP partnership. It also includes Branch Campuses working in partnership with host organizations around the world to: deliver select NC programming; develop and monitor licensing agreements; provide NC delivery or co-delivery of NC programming; and develop and manage consulting agreements whereby our knowledgeable team members provide best practice advice to help build or enhance existing operations to deliver at global standards. Global Campus Operations is also responsible for Global Engagement’s compliance and reporting responsibilities, providing divisional expertise and liaison support on all divisional contracting and financial reporting.

Global Customized Training and Consulting

Global Customized Training and Consulting provides training solutions and consulting to educational institutes, private sector businesses and not-for-profit agencies around the world. The team is adept at listening carefully to their clients to determine their organizational needs and expected results. They design, develop and deliver learner-focused training programs facilitated by subject matter experts with a wealth of experience. They help organizations enact positive change in their workforce and communities through education and enlightenment. These programs can be delivered online, in person at any of our campuses or onsite, in country. In addition to English Language Training, the Global Customized Training and Consulting team has expertise in Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Professional Development and Leadership, Gender Mainstreaming, and Results-Based Management. With an emphasis on organizational impact, the programs balance theory and practical application, while infusing the NC difference.

Global Education Projects

The Global Education Projects team is committed to equity, diversity, respect and inclusion focusing on sustainable change, collaboration, and mutual capacity-building with partners around the world. The team has demonstrated expertise in managing global projects from the project identification stage all the way through to project implementation. We strategically seek out global capacity building opportunities that align with NC’s strengths, experience, and strategic plan. These projects also allow Niagara College to strengthen its alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Responsibilities include managing the proposal development process all the way to contract signing. Global Education Projects works closely with NC experts and other stakeholders around the world to make a difference in the lives of people from all corners of the globe. Wherever possible, we include student opportunities to collaboratively implement projects and provide rich learning experiences for NC team members and students, and our global partners.

It is both an honour and privilege to work collaboratively across this incredible institution. We, in the Global Engagement Division are very excited to work with you and your talented teams in the coming year to pursue our common goal as Canada’s leading global college and to make a positive impact in Niagara and around the world.


Global Customized Training and Consulting and Global Education Projects welcomes your expertise. If you are interested in getting involved in a Global Engagement project, please chat with your supervisor and go to the Get Involved page of the Global Engagement website: ncglobal.ca/getinvolved/. Alternatively, you may reach out to any one of our Global Engagement leadership team members.