Summer & Winter English

Our intensive EAP program is four months in duration and the most academically rigorous language program at Niagara College. It focuses on preparing you for English language post-secondary studies and career advancement.

The EAP program has been offered for over 20 years and welcomes over 300 students each term from approximately 25 different countries.

English Language and Culture program:


Summer and Winter English programs include a wide range of language learning activities such as language games, role-play, problem-solving and group activities, aimed at improving communications. Instruction methods are strategically planned to maximize student success in the program. Daily activities and social events are organized as a way to take learning outside of the classroom. The events provide a better understanding of Canadian culture and a deeper appreciation for various cultures around the world.

The Summer and Winter English programs deliver 20 hours of English programming per week, including both classroom instruction and weekly extracurricular academic activities. The programs aim to:

  • Strengthen students’ general English skills, particularly speaking, listening, and pronunciation.
  • Expose students to post-secondary education in an international context.
  • Help students develop cross-cultural relationships in a multicultural setting.
  • Provide students with a memorable learning experience and forge long lasting friendships.


Integrated Skills: This course helps students improve all aspects of their English language skills with a focus on speaking and listening. In addition to tests and assignments, students create a memory book for them to take with them when they leave. (12 hours per week) 

Canadian and Popular Culture: This course allows students to learn and practice new vocabulary and idiomatic language used in popular media such as television, movies and popular music. Students learn about and discuss Canadian culture and cross-cultural topics. (6 hours per week) 

English through the Arts: In this course, drama, music and visual art are used to help students learn English in fun, dynamic and active ways. (2 hours per week)

Sample Weekly Class Schedule

Sample Academic and Social Activities

Academic Activities –Learning outside of the classroom is encouraged through integrated activities. Each week, students have the opportunity to practise their English language skills in extracurricular academic activities that are themed and connected to the classroom topics of study. Students will be able to explore the Niagara region and apply their new English skills in a comfortable and relaxed environment along with their peers and teachers. (5 hours per week).

Social Activities – Additionally, other activities are scheduled allowing students ample opportunities to practise their English in a safe and secure small city atmosphere.

Monthly Integrated Summer English Activities Schedule
Niagara Welcomes You!OrientationNiagara Falls Boat CruiseNight at Niagara FallsCanada’s Wonderland
Canadian AdventuresLunchtime Assembly Niagara-on-the-lakeKaraoke PartyToronto Trip CN Tower
Canada’s NatureLunchtime Assembly Boats on the Welland CanalCamping or Montreal TripCamping or Montreal Trip
NC’s Innovative EducationCamping or Montreal Trip ReturnsLunchtime Assembly Business Symposium at NOTL CampusEnd-of-program Celebration

Dates of Activities may vary. Students will have a choice of a weekend camping trip or a trip to Montréal, Québec.


Niagara College is located in the beautiful Niagara Peninsula, close to the world famous Niagara Falls. The Niagara Region is in the southwestern part of the Province of Ontario, 135 km from the city of Toronto by car, bus or train. Academic sessions are held at the Welland Campus which is set on 100 acres of green space and houses the International Division, home of the College’s English as a Second Language (ESL) department.



A housing program offered to international students studying at Niagara College, homestay emphasizes students immersion in Canadian culture and the Niagara Region. Wonderful local families provide support and assistance while students adapt to the lifestyle and demands of learning a second language.


Students who stay in the residence will live in a two bedroom suite where they will have their own furnished room. They will share a suite with another student, which includes a kitchenette and bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower. Students will receive $200 in food vouchers to dine on-campus or purchase groceries and prepare their own meals. They can also dine out a local restaurants.