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English as a Second Language

Our English as a Second Language programs have helped thousands of students from around the world strengthen their English skills for both academic and career preparation. In addition to language education, the ESL programs we offer also encourage cultural integration within the Niagara College community.

Our ESL programs provide students with the best opportunity to learn English by interacting with Canadians and Canadian culture in a region that specializes in welcoming international visitors. More than any other school in Canada, we focus on developing both English language skills and cultural integration.


English for Academic Preparation (EAP)

Our intensive EAP program is four months in duration and the most academically rigorous language program at Niagara College. It focuses on preparing you for English language post-secondary studies and career advancement.

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Academic English for College and University Studies (AECUS)

AECUS is a bridge program that places students in EAP classes based on their advanced level placement testing grade(s) while also allowing them to simultaneously take other post-secondary courses of their choice. The advanced level placement test is administered at the beginning of each term.

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Short Term EAP

The Short Term EAP program is two months in duration and designed to meet the needs of today’s fast-paced world. This program is great for students seeking flexibility in their English language education.

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Summer English Program

The Summer English program is conversation-based and is meant to help you maximize your English language education through diverse learning approaches such as excursions and social activities.

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