"To help you become acquainted with all we have to offer, we have organized a variety of exciting Orientation events. Orientation will not only equip you with useful information about our college and its programs, it is the perfect opportunity to meet new friends and fully immerse yourself in the college experience.

I hope you’ll make the most of this new beginning and participate in as many Orientation activities as possible, and I wish you every success in your studies." —Dan Patterson, PH.D. President
dan patterson

Upcoming Dates

Short Term EAP
  • Oct 24–25, 2019
  • Feb 27–28, 2020
  • Jun 25–26, 2020
English for Academic Preparation
  • Jan 2–3, 2020
  • Apr 29–1, 2020
  • Sep 3–4, 2020
Post Secondary / Graduate Programs
  • Jan 2–4, 2020
  • Apr 30–2, 2020
  • Sep 4–5, 2020
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