Niagara College wins international award for global citizenship

This article was published on: July 7th, 2022

Niagara College is receiving international recognition for its global citizenship.

On June 17, the College was recognized by the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFCP) with a bronze award in the category of Global Citizenship.

The WFCP’s 2022 Awards of Excellence were presented at its World Congress in San Sebastian, Spain. The awards recognize WFCP member institutions and celebrate their contributions to excellence in the global technical and vocational education and training (TVET) sector.

“Each year, I am thrilled to see so many Canadian institutions recognized by the WFCP for their global leadership in education and training,” said Denise Amyot, President and CEO of Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan). “Niagara College’s award for Global Citizenship is a testament to how well the college continues to prepare students to excel in the worldwide community despite unprecedented global challenges.”

The award was accepted by Niagara College President Sean Kennedy, and Vice-President of International, Sean Coote.

“This achievement recognizes the dedication of Niagara College’s staff and faculty in providing outstanding applied education and training for a changing world,” said Coote. “In preparing world-ready graduates, Niagara College is fostering global mindedness and intercultural competencies, which are a necessity to thrive in the twenty-first century as the world becomes increasingly interconnected.”

“NC’s commitment to global citizenship is evident in its approach to student success as the College strives to provide culturally diverse and inclusive learning environments and experiences, infuse global competency development into its work, and foster collaborative partnerships in Canada and around the world.”

The Global Citizenship award recognizes an institution or institutional association that has demonstrated its commitment to providing the best experiences and exemplary strategies and tools to prepare students for global citizenship. The award has four levels of accomplishment: gold, silver, bronze, and honourable mention.  

NC was among eight Canadian colleges and institutes recognized by the WFCP’s 2022 Awards of Excellence, in addition to three Canadians – including Amyot, who was awarded the WFCP’s Gold Award of Excellence for Lifetime Achievement – and CICan, who won Gold in Sustainable Development. View CICan release here or view the complete list of recipients on the WFCP website.

Earlier this year, NC was awarded a silver in Global Engagement Excellence by Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) at its 2022 Awards of Excellence ceremony. The awards, which acknowledge institutions from across Canada for their best practices and achievements, were presented at CICan’s annual conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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