Niagara College offers training opportunity for Peruvian educators


This week, Niagara College is hosting a group of educators from Centro de Formacion Agricola, Moquegua (CFAM) in Peru as part of the College’s ongoing participation in Education for Employment (EFE) projects, an initiative funded by Global Affairs Canada and implemented by Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan).

From September 26 to 30, four CFAM delegates will train at NC’s Wine Visitor + Education Centre (WVEC) and explore best practices in winemaking with topics ranging from grape harvesting to marketing and selling of the final product. The weeklong workshop will also provide the delegates an opportunity to learn about the WVEC’s lab equipment and offer them a chance to observe effective pedagogical practices in an audit of a sensory evaluation class.

Located in an agricultural region in southern Peru, CFAM delivers four three-year programs: viticulture and oenology; horticulture; fruit culture; and animal husbandry. Niagara College has partnered with Nova Scotia Community College for this EFE project to work with CFAM to improve its viticulture and oenology program and enhance the management of the institution. The EFE-Peru project is expected to be completed June 2017.

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