New students spring into college life

Spring orientation welcomed new students to NC, kicking off with EAP orientation May 2 to 4, followed by college-wide orientation May 4 to 5.

It was NC’s slogan of ‘Applied Dreams’ that inspired Huy Nguyen from Hanoi, Vietnam to apply to Niagara College’s English for Academic Preparation program.

“I think attending Niagara College will help make my dreams come true,” said Nguyen.

After a successful spring orientation that welcomed students from more than 35 nationalities, NC welcomed more than 650 new international students this term, enrolled in both EAP as well as academic programs.

Nguyen came to Canada for the first time the week of his EAP orientation. By lunch time on the first day of orientation, Nguyen was excited that he already made many new friends.

With five continents represented, this term featured two spring orientations; an EAP orientation that took place May 2 to 4 and a college-wide orientation that took place May 4 to 5.

Marilia Welter, from Curitiba, Brazil, is one of the International Division’s student assistants and worked at both orientations. Welter helped welcome new students, provide guidance to the volunteers as well as assist with EAP testing.

“Orientation is important because it helps students become familiar with the campus, better preparing them for their first day of class,” said Welter. “It’s also a great opportunity for new students to connect with their future classmates as well as faculty and staff.”

EAP student Ana Luque from Bogota, Colombia, shared that she chose to study in Canada because of its reputation as a safe country and that a Canadian education is highly regarded. Luque advised she hoped to enter into a postsecondary program at NC after she enhances her English with the EAP program. For her, the highlight of orientation was learning more about Canadian culture.

This year, the Centre for Student Engagement and Leadership, and the International Division worked together to provide an engaging and informative orientation activities for postsecondary and graduate programs, blending domestic and international students as one NC family. Taking place on both campuses, the event featured a student services presentation, program information sessions, giveaways, tours, Blackboard Sessions, lunch and entertainment.

Two incoming students from the Philippines were educated and working as registered nurses in their home country before deciding to build upon their healthcare careers with NC’s Pallative Care program. Leaving their full-time nursing careers, they explained their decision was due to the amazing opportunities that are offered in Canada.

“With the guidance and advice from my agency in the Philippines, I feel Niagara College’s Palliative Care program fits perfectly with my career path,” said Kate Jesa Leonidas from Iloilo, Philippines.

Princess Manalo from Laguna, Philippines, added that her decision was also in part in hopes of becoming more familiarized with Canadian healthcare, working towards gaining a career in Canada after she graduates from the program. Manalo highlighted another key factor in advancing her studies in Canada was because she loves how the country celebrates its multiculturalism.

NC welcomes a diverse demographic this spring term, including exchange students from Germany and Chile as well as some of NC’s newest targeted countries, which are part of NC’s ongoing international student recruitment diversification strategy. In welcoming students from a plethora of nationalities and cultures, NC looks forward to opportunity for classrooms to be more culturally and globally engaged.

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