Language development and international adventure awaits new Summer English and EAP students

A Summer English Orientation event on July 3 welcomed students from seven countries.

When asked what the highlight of her Summer English Orientation was, Natalia Feijoo Fernandez, a 16 year-old student from Vigo, Galacia in Spain replied, “everything.”

After two successful summer orientations, NC welcomed more than 100 international students to the Short Term English for Academic Preparation program (EAP) and the July session of the Summer English program. The programs kicked off with Short Term EAP orientation from June 28 to 29 which hosted students from eight different countries, and Summer English orientation on July 3 which drew students from seven different countries.

Both programs allow international students to develop a strong foundation in the English language. The Short Term EAP is two months in duration and is ideal for students unable to attend a full semester of the program. Many of its students are looking to better prepare themselves to be work-ready, while others are hoping the program will create a pathway to continue their studies at NC in a postsecondary certificate, degree or graduate program.

Mauricio Neto from São Paulo, Brazil, hopes to improve his English through the Short Term EAP program and said he plans to apply for NC’s Business- Sales and Marketing program.

“I would like to work in Canada for two or three years after graduating before returning to my hometown in Brazil to work,” said Neto. “I believe gaining international work experience in Canada will help to further a career in Brazil.”

Neto first learned of NC at an international student fair held in Brazil where he met Fernando Gama de Oliveira, the College’s student recruitment regional manager of The Americas.

“When making my decision on where to study, Fernando was a great resource and very helpful,” noted Neto. “I chose Niagara College because it seemed to have an intimate, small-town feel.

“I am from a big city in Brazil and I wanted a calm quiet environment to learn, and I feel as though Niagara College can provide this.”

The Summer English program allows students to develop their language skills and utilizes a diverse range of learning methods, such as excursions and social activities, which take learning outside of the classroom.

Feijoo Fernandez aspires to become a doctor and she feels being able to speak English would be a useful tool if she decides to work internationally.

“Knowing English allows you to communicate with people from many different backgrounds and also allows you to experience more opportunities,” said Fernandez.

Do Yoon Tak, from Pahang, Korea, hopes that developing his English skills at NC will allow him to help more people in his future career in public health awareness and education, and make more of an impact in his home country. The Korean student, who wants to be able to travel the world and experience different cultures, feels that knowing English will enhance his experiences by enabling him to communicate with more people.

Yoon Tak is one of 15 students from Inje University in Korea beginning their summer at NC. He explained how his university offers the option to study English in Germany, America, England and Canada.

“I chose to study at Niagara College because of Canada’s reputation of being a safe country,” said Yoonn Tak.

The College’s English as a Second Language programs allow international students to become more globally competent. While improving their English skills, students are also able to enhance their career opportunities. In addition to language education, these programs offer cultural education in a global classroom.

An August session of the Summer English program will kickoff with an orientation on July 30.

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