NC’s ESL programs earn internationally-recognized re-accreditation


A graduating class from NC’s English for Academic Preparation (EAP) program is pictured at their graduation ceremony on December 14, 2018. Presenting their certificates is Guhan Ilgazli, associate dean of the School of English Language Studies, and School of English Language Studies professors, Angela Mott and Shauna Gupta, who is also a coordinator.

Starting the year off right, Niagara College’s English as a Second Language (ESL) programs were re-accredited in January 2019 by Languages Canada – the country’s national language education association. These NC programs included English for Academic Preparation (EAP), Academic English for College and University Studies (AECUS), Short Term EAP and the English Language and Culture (ELC)’s Winter and Summer English. Undergoing a review every three years, the ESL programs are now re-accredited until the end of 2022.

After undergoing a standard and comprehensive review conducted by Orion Assessment Services of Canada Incorporated, NC’s ESL programs met the Languages Canada Quality Assurance Scheme’s accreditation requirements. This internationally-recognized accreditation process involved evaluations in various areas such as program administration and management, student services, marketing and promotions, teacher qualifications, and curriculum.

“The re-accreditation of our English Language Programs by Languages Canada is a testament to the quality of instruction, student support, and high-performance teamwork within Niagara College and the School of English Language Studies,” said Guhan Ilgazli, associate dean of the School of English Language Studies. “This quality assurance measure provides us with the opportunity for continuous improvement and self reflection, and ensures we stay focused on enhancing the international student English learning experience.”

This is one of the many ways NC ensures it is providing the highest quality of English language education and demonstrates Niagara College’s commitment to providing students the necessary tools to achieve academic success.