NC welcomes Summer English students
for orientation July 30


The Summer English program features social and cultural activities geared towards highlighting the Niagara region and other parts of Southern Ontario. Pictured are students from the July session during a field trip to the Hornblower in Niagara Falls.

Each summer, Niagara College hosts two sessions of its Summer English program; one commencing in July and the other August. This year, Niagara College welcomed more than 75 students in the July session and the August session is anticipated to receive more than 55 students, totaling over 130 students over the course of the summer.

Taking place July 30 to August 24, the upcoming session is expected to welcome students from China, Germany, Spain, Vietnam and Ukraine. The program will kickoff with its orientation on Monday, July 30 at the Welland Campus and will feature a series of information sessions, English language skills assessments as well as a campus tour.

The Summer English program is conversation-based and presents students the opportunity to learn to communicate in English in a relaxed and flexible environment. The program incorporates diverse learning methods, such as excursions and social activities, encouraging students to apply English skills in real-life settings. Students are able to strengthen their cultural competencies and gain a better understanding of Canadian culture as well as various other cultures from around the world. Social and cultural activities are geared towards highlighting the Niagara region and other parts of Southern Ontario.

For many students, NC’s Summer English program is their first introduction to Canada. The experience also allows for exposure to the Canadian college system, perhaps serving as a first step towards returning to Canada to enroll in NC’s School of English as a Second Language’s English for Academic Preparation (EAP) program or in a postsecondary program at the College.

“The Summer English program is a great way to continue to build our College and university partnerships as we bring in hundreds of students around the world from these partners to experience Niagara College and Canada,” said Sean Coote, director of Niagara College’s International division.

Summer English program students from the July session attend orientation on July 3; the first of two sessions of the program welcomed more than 75 students from around the world.

“It also allows students to experience NC’s campus and facilities firsthand and get a taste of our Niagara College community, exposing them to a postsecondary education in Canada. This experience will hopefully encourage students to consider further opportunities abroad and perhaps, some of these students will select Niagara College as their preferred study destination.”

At the conclusion of the program, students present their experiences and demonstrate their understanding of Canadian culture, applying their English language skills. Pictured are three South Korean students from the July session posing in front of their trifold presentation board.

Through Contract Training Services at NC, many of the students enrolled in the Summer English program derive from NC’s long-term international university partners and encourage student mobility opportunities. The incoming session will welcome students supported by partners in Spain with the Universidad de Malaga (UM). Another long standing partnership that has supported the Summer English program is with a Chinese partner intuition, Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences (SUMHS). Niagara College’s cooperative relationship with educational agents also endorses NC’s Summer English program, attracting students from Ukraine, Japan and Vietnam this upcoming session.

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