NC marks 20 year milestone in partnership with Japanese college

Director Sean Coote
NC’s director of International Sean Coote and NC President Dan Patterson attend a 20-year anniversary celebration of the College’s partnership with the Japan College of Foreign Language.

Niagara College is celebrating the 20-year anniversary of its partnership with the Japan College of Foreign Language (JCFL).

Founded in 1970, the college is located in Tokyo and aims to expand global human resources, further advancing opportunities for its students to be able to experience the world and limit the barriers students may face in doing so. The partnership between JCFL and NC offers students a unique learning opportunity to gain an education in both Japan and Canada, further developing their global competencies.

Harumi Nakagoshi is a success story from this collaborative educational partnership. Graduating from NC’s Business Administration – Marketing (Co-op) program, she is now a Research and Development Application Support team member in the Business Technology department at CAC Corporation, located in Tokyo, Japan.

“I chose to study in Canada because I wanted to be able to learn English but also have an interesting experience while studying,” said Nakagoshi. “Then, I found out if I studied in Niagara College’s Business Administration program, I would be able to study, speak English and work all at once.”

Nakagoshi believes completing the one-year Study Abroad Preparation program at JCFL before attending Niagara College taught her valuable skills that allowed her to succeed in a Canadian college setting. She spoke of the time management and English language skills she developed throughout the program. After completing her studies in Japan, she enrolled in NC’s English for Academic Preparation (EAP) program for two semesters to enhance her English language skills, also working as a Housing Assistant in NC’s International Division for seven months.

“The most impactful moments during my studies at Niagara College were discussion classes,” said Nakagoshi. “There were only a few international students in the class. As I was not able to speak in my own language, it was sometimes hard to express my opinions, making it more challenging to persuade people to agree with my opinions.”

She spoke about how studying abroad was a huge challenge for her and taught her how to exude strength and courage when she wanted to challenge herself.

“It wasn’t always easy – there were ups and downs – but once I overcame them, I was proud of myself,” she said.

Even though she returned to Japan to work, Nakagoshi feels as though she applies all of her lessons learned at NC to her current career.

Niagara College looks forward to continuing this relationship with JCFL. During a visit to Japan this year, the JCFL’s president brought NC’s president, Dan Patterson, into the courtyard of their College to a tree that had leaves displayed in pairs on each branch. In a symbolic act, he cut a part of the branch off of the tree and presented it to Niagara College to represent the growing partnership of the two schools.

Strengthening global education, NC continues to collaborate with partners worldwide to foster world-ready and work-ready graduates.

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