NC celebrates the Year of the Pig with Lunar New Year dinner

Four NC students are pictured at the 2018 Lunar New Year dinner hosted in NC’s The Core. They are pictured before enjoying a prosperity toss salad – a traditional Chinese New Year dish.

On February 8 at 7 p.m. Niagara College will celebrate the year of the pig with its Lunar New Year dinner.

Chinese New Year, also referred to as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, is celebrated across Asia and marks the beginning of a new year following the traditional Chinese / lunar calendar, taking place this year from February 5 to 19.

The festival traditionally honours gods as well as ancestors and is known as a celebration of the coldest days of the year coming to an end and welcoming of the spring season, with its planting and harvests, symbolizing new beginnings. Chinese New Year is often associated with many customs and traditions which may differ depending on the region in which the individual is from. Decorating your home in red is one common tradition for the New Year for attracting good luck, good fortune, and protection.

Studying in NC’s Mechanical Engineering Technology program and a student assistant with NC’s International Division, Paul Kim is from Boryeong, South Korea. Kim shared that one of the most popular traditional family games to play during the Lunar New Year is a board game called yut nori. “South Korea has a custom to eat Tteokguk for celebrating one more year aged in Lunar New year as we do not count our age based on birthday, but instead by New Year day.” Tteokguk is a rice cake soup in a broth.

Niagara College welcomes and embraces cultural celebrations and traditions of its diverse student body. For over 15 years, NC has been hosting Lunar New Year events, inviting members of the NC community who observe the holiday and guests interested in joining in on the celebrations.

“The Lunar New Year is a highly celebrated holiday among many of NC’s international students from Asia,” said James Maur, NC’s student recruitment manager of East Asia. “Hosting events that celebrate and embrace the diversity of our students, such as the Lunar New Year dinner, is one of the many ways that we can help students feel more at home in Niagara.”

Hosted in The Core at the Welland Campus this year, the event will feature a photo booth, entertainment, games and a delicious dinner. The food will be prepared by an Asian chef and feature a wide assortment of traditional Chinese New Year dishes, such as pork and chicken dumplings, chicken and ginger longevity noodles, beef and broccoli shanghai noodles, and mixed vegetables with wilted greens. Students are also invited to present a talent, skill or share a game to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Through celebrating NC’s multicultural student body with events such as the Lunar New Year dinner, Niagara College continues to bring the world to Niagara.