NC celebrates its diversity through food and the arts with inaugural WorldDISH event March 27


Students will have the opportunity to celebrate and enjoy the cultures of NC’s diverse student population on Wednesday, March 27 at the College’s first WorlDISH event -sharing culture through food and the arts.

The event, to be held at the Welland Campus at The Core, will invite students to experience traditional cuisines, reflective of the origins of NC students, such as dishes from Mexico, China, Poland / Ukraine, India, Canada and Japan. While enjoying the delectable cuisine offerings, attendees will be further immersed in a diverse cultural experience as students from countries such as Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Korea, and the Philippines will share art, music, dance and other activities from their culture.

Viet Do, who is a first year Hospitality – Hotel and Restaurant Operations student originally from Hai Phong City, Vietnam, is passionate about learning from other cultures of the world as well as sharing his own culture with the community. Do will be performing a traditional Vietnamese dance at WorldDISH with a modern approach of what he describes as jazz funk with electronic dance music to add a flavour of his millennial generation.

“Different regions in Vietnam have their own unique style of traditional dance, such as the rain bridge dance of the Central Highlands compatriots and the seasonal dance of the Northern Mountains people,” Do said.

Do plans to wear a traditional Vietnamese Leaf Hat, also known as an Asian conical hat or a ‘Non La’ in Vietnamese, which is in the shape of a circular cone. He explained how special Vietnamese conical hats contain colourful hand-stitched depictions or words while in the Huế region, they are differentiated by their poetic verses.

“I am very happy and proud to celebrate my culture with the College and I hope I will have more opportunities in the future to continue to share with those in Niagara about Vietnam’s way of life,” said Do.

With doors opening at 6:30 p.m., the event costs NC students $10 to attend, with the option to purchase a ticket for one non-NC student guest $20. A sample at each food station is included in the cost of a ticket.

WorlDISH is hosted by NC Student Administrative Council (NCSAC), Centre for Student Engagement and Leadership (CSEL) and the International Division.

“The event hopes to not only connect Niagara College students from different cultural backgrounds on a new level, but strengthen the College’s inclusive community,” said Shari Walsh, associate director of Student Engagement, Advising and Career Services. “Food is one of the best ways to bring people together; we hope students will learn and experience something new through food, and as a cherry on top, meet different people from all over the world that study side by side at NC.”

Walsh also noted that because it is easier for students to attend on-campus, events, they are  very appreciative to have great local restaurants and our amazing on-campus food vendors agree to serve their delicious food in one location at the heart of the Welland Campus – The Core.

Students interested in celebrating a variety of NC’s many cultures through food and the arts, may purchase tickets the night of the event or in advance at