International Student Awards recognize top academic performers

This article was published on: January 13th, 2023

Stories of strength and resilience came together at the Fall 2022 International Student Awards Ceremony on December 7, when Niagara College recognized students for their academic excellence and outstanding role in the community.

“As international students, we must overcome many challenges; we leave behind our families, friends, and roots to seek a better future,” said Business – Sales and Marketing student Ana Rubiano Beltran.

Originally from Colombia, Beltran is one of 12 students who received an academic award recognizing the highest average from each school of study. She earned a 95.50% grade point average (GPA), the top grade among international students from the School of Business and Management.

A girl with glasses standing while smiling at camera and holding award.

Ana Rubiano Beltran, originally from Colombia, is pictured with her award for achieving the highest grade of 95.50% among international students from the School of Business and Management.

“This kind of recognition comforts the soul and lets us know that hard work pays off,” said Beltran. “To my new immigrant friends, thank you. This award is for all of you.”

In total, 30 awards and $27,500 in scholarships were given through the International Student Awards thanks to the generous contributions of NC ‘s donors. In addition to recognizing the highest grades from each school of study, International Insurance, NC’s provider of international student insurance, awarded the Keith Segal – Scholarship to 12 other international students with top grades.

“I am lucky to have brilliant professors who guide me and pave my way to an outstanding academic performance,” said Gabrielle Dionne Quimbo, originally from the Philippines.

One of the recipients of the Keith Segal – awards, Dionne Quimbo is studying in NC’s Educational Assistant and Adult Supports program in the School of Community Studies with a GPA of 95.67%. “Beyond assisting me in my financial needs, this award also helps me realize my strengths and reminds me to keep fulfilling my dreams,” she added.

A man in a black shirt standing and looking at camera while holding an award.

Pictured is Supply Chain Management student Hitesh Bhojraj Shriyan, originally from India, who received a CIBC International Student Scholarship.

Sue Guenther, Associate Director, International Student Services, was the master of ceremonies for the event, which was held at the Stone Mill Ballroom in St. Catharines. During the evening, , NC also gave out the Dr. Mary Kilmer Tchalekian Scholarship, the NCSAC International Student Award, the Community Spirit Award in Memory of Isabel Hernandez Maltos, two CIBC International Student Scholarships and for the first time, the St. Catharines Twinning Awards.

“Winning this grant proves that I was not wrong to nurture my dreams and that there are people out there who believe in me,” said Supply Chain Management student Hitesh Bhojraj Shriyan, who is originally from India.

Bhojraj Shriyan received a CIBC scholarship awarded to students with good character, consideration for others, perseverance and a desire to succeed. “In awarding this scholarship, you all validated my dreams and ambitions. I am filled with gratitude,” he said.