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Site visits offer students industry exposure

Students from Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences are pictured at Niagara Health’s St. Catharines site, learning more of Canadian best practices in the medical field through a tour led by Frank Gigliotti, charge technologist in biomedical engineering at Niagara Health.

Niagara College’s International Contract Training Services helped students from around the world gain a holistic learning experience through industry site visits in August hosted in partnership with Canadian experts in the students’ field of study.

NC is proud to offer its global academic partners an educational opportunity to gain industry exposure through its strong industry partnerships.

Students from Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences (SUMHS) visited Niagara Health’s St. Catharines site on August 13 as part of their customized Summer English Plus Bio Medical Science program.

NC has been welcoming students from this Chinese partner institution since 2012 to study in its Summer English program, and English for Specific Purposes (ESP) in Biomedical Science where students learn about biomedical science in Canada in partnership with the Biomedical Engineering Department at Niagara Health’s St. Catharines site.

“We are happy to partner with Niagara College and share our recognized best practices as a Biomedical Engineering team,” said Frank Gigliotti, charge technologist in Biomedical Engineering at Niagara Health.

“The tour of our St. Catharines site as well as the classroom instruction we provide to these students is not only personally rewarding but allows us the opportunity to support the growth of our field both locally and internationally. The better we can manage technology in healthcare the better the patient outcomes.”

These interactive and applied learning experiences provide students with a practical perspective of current Canadian work practices in the healthcare field, broadening their understanding of industry operations and functionality.

JiaLin Liu from Henan, China, who aspires to become an engineer upon graduation, said that visiting NH broadened his horizon and improved his understanding of the biomedical field.

Luan Chen from Shanghai, China expressed his gratitude for being able to experience the hospital environment and see the equipment used at NH and how it functions.

“Visiting Niagara Health helped me to better understand what I learned in the classroom,” said Chen.

NC Hospitality Management student Minglu Sun, from Laioning, China – who is also a recent graduate of the College’s Wine Business Management program – volunteered as a translator on the tour. She noted that she is happy to give back to those visiting from China, assist with language barriers and help provide a smoother adaptation to new unfamiliar environments.

Through Madore International Studies Abroad, senior high school nursing students from Japan studied at Niagara College this summer, touring various industries throughout the Niagara region as part of their applied learning. The students are pictured during a presentation given by Joanna Mataya, director, community programs at Hospice Niagara.

Over the summer, NC also worked with partner Madore International Studies Abroad to provide senior high school nursing students from Japan customized training and applied learning. The College has supported Madore International Studies Abroad since 2016, to ensure customized training needs are met and that there is a strong emphasis in the curriculum on experiencing Canadian industries and their practices. A group of students participated in site visits on August 15 to Sunset Long Term Health Care Facility, South Niagara Wellness Centre, and the Niagara Health System.

The day concluded with a facility tour of Hospice Niagara, where students were educated on Hospice Palliative Care. The topic was well received by the Japanese students who found it highly informative due to the many differences between Canadian and Japanese hospice care.

“For some, it can feel daunting to enter a hospice residence building. However, once a person has witnessed the compassionate and uplifting nature of our staff and volunteers, they quickly realize that life is celebrated here every day,” said Tina Van Egmond, director of care, The Stabler Centre, Hospice Niagara.

“The student tour may help to build norms around dying, death and loss, so that it is easier to talk about in their own social circles and break down the stigmatization around death,” said Joanna Mataya, director, Community Programs at Hospice Niagara.

By hosting NC’s international academic partners, NC is able to create opportunities for two-way student mobility and for NC students to gain an education abroad experience.

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