Important message for Niagara College students: Grading for the Winter 2020 Term

This article was published on: April 10th, 2020

I want to thank all Niagara College students for your ongoing patience and perseverance in adapting to changes in course delivery that happened very quickly, due to circumstances that are beyond all of our control. Our faculty and staff have worked hard to move your courses and student services to online or alternative delivery, and we remained committed to supporting you as you continue to move forward in your studies in these extraordinary times.

As the Winter 2020 term draws to a close, we have reviewed the current grading system to balance a need to maintain the principles of academic integrity with a recognition that the current situation also calls for flexibility and compassion.

As a result, the following interim changes will be implemented for the Winter 2020 semester:

Post-secondary grade release date:

  • For courses finishing on Friday, April 17: grades will be released to students on April 29, at 4 p.m.
  • For courses with lab/shop/studio/placement or other face-to-face delivery requirements that cannot be completed until we return to campus: students will see an incomplete grade (I) for that course when grades are released. When you are back in class and have achieved the required course learning outcomes, your final grade will replace the “INC”.
  • Grade timelines for Ontario Learn courses remain unchanged.
  • Students with courses with an end date other than Friday, April 17 should contact their academic advisor for more information.


Compassionate post-secondary grading policy (for the Winter 2020 semester only)

Where you have not passed a course, you will automatically receive a Withdrawal ‘W’ notation on your transcript.  As per our Grading and Transcript Policy, you will not be granted credit for courses in which a ‘W’ was awarded, and the ‘W’ grade will not impact your Grade Point Average (GPA). You will still be required to repeat the course where necessary to complete program requirements, and there will be no tuition refund as a result.

The deadline to withdraw from any course has also been extended until the end of the term.   Please contact your Academic Advisor/International Student Advisor to initiate this process.

We strongly encourage all students to remain engaged in your courses in these challenging times, as you move closer to achieving your educational goals.  All of us at Niagara College are committed to supporting your success, and supports and services remain in place – via remote and alternative delivery.

Steve Hudson PhD
Senior Vice President, Academic and Learner Services