Speaking interview (5-10 minutes)

  • Verbal interview with a Niagara College EAP instructor
  • Interview questions range from general knowledge questions to academic topics
  • Scores for the speaking interview are based on a rubric created in accordance with the standards and outcomes of our EAP program

Writing task (45 minutes)

  • Three-part writing assessment on a specific topic
  • Assesses vocabulary and grammar points as well as sentence, paragraph and essay structure
  • Scores for the writing task are based on a writing rubric created in accordance with the standards and outcomes of our EAP program


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Computer Based Placement Test  (80 minutes)

  • The computer based placement test evaluates both the use of English and listening skills
  • Students are tested on their knowledge of grammatical forms and vocabulary in the Use of English section and listening comprehension skills in the Listening section. In addition, both sections test how well students understand what is communicated. Understanding meaning is fundamental to communication and is an excellent indicator of language ability.


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Post-secondary admission

Students who have applied to post-secondary programs are instructed to take the language proficiency test prior to arriving at Niagara College. Click here to find out which language proficiency scores Niagara College accepts. In certain cases, if a student does not provide the required proof of English (TOEFL, IELTS), they may take the English Placement Test at Niagara College for placement in the EAP program. Students must contact the testing coordinator to arrange a testing date prior to the start of their post-secondary program. There is a $100.00 fee associated with taking the test and payment can be made by emailing International Student Accounts at [email protected] (Liang Zhong (Jackie)).

Students who arrive at Niagara College with insufficient language proficiency scores or forego standard testing for our English Placement Test must be aware that not passing Niagara College’s proficiency test may result in placement in the EAP program for potentially more than one term.


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Short-term testing

All students who study in the Short-term EAP program or the Summer English program are required to complete placement testing.

Short-term EAP students who enter the program at midterm should be aware of the following information regarding level progression.

If a student has failed one or more subject areas they must stay in the same level for the next term.

If a student achieves grades between 50% and 79% in all of their classes, they are given the placement test again to double check that they are ready to move ahead a level.

If students achieve 80% or higher in all of their courses they are exempt from taking the placement test at the end of 7 weeks of study and will advance to the next level.


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