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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I take the placement test?

New EAP students

Placement tests are administered to new EAP students during orientation at the start of each term. Detailed test schedules with dates and times are provided by NC International during the orientation period.

Short term EAP students

Placement tests for short-term EAP students are administered eight weeks after the beginning of each term during Niagara College’s break week. Detailed test schedules with dates and times are provided by NC International.

What if I arrive at Niagara College after the scheduled testing dates?

If you arrive at Niagara College after the scheduled testing dates have passed, you must contact Christina Posteraro, Testing Co-Ordinator, by email at [email protected] and reschedule a testing date.

*Please note: space in the program is limited once a term has started and late students will be tested according to the availability of teachers and rooms. There may be a fee associated with starting the program late.

Can I see my testing results?

Students receive schedules indicating the level they have been placed into and are not given their test results. If you wish to inquire about your testing results and placement level, you may make an appointment with an ESL student advisor by emailing them at [email protected] to review this information.

How can I prepare for the placement test?

We recommend that students taking the placement test spend time reviewing their English language skills. Good preparation will make it easier for instructors to accurately assess your skills. Consider one or more of the following preparation activities:

  • Read online articles in English that interest you
  • Watch English subtitled films or listen to music
  • Reviewing any English language textbooks or other reading material you may have
  • Look for local community newspapers and radio or television programs in English
  • Seek speaking opportunities with native English speakers

What is the deadline to take the placement test?

Students are eligible to take the placement test up until the tenth day after the start of the EAP program. Exceptions must be approved by the Associate Dean of the School of English Language Studies.