Step 1

Check the program delivery type

Click here to check the program delivery webpage or click on your term below:

Step 2

Setup Your MyNC Account and Confirm offer of Acceptance.

  1. Register for a MyNC Account HERE
  2. Visit your MyNC Student Portal and click on
  3. Click on My Applications to view active offer(s)
  4. Select the offer of admission by clicking “Accept/Decline” beside your preferred program choice.
  5. Click on “I Accept Admission” and “Confirm Acceptance” to confirm your Program Choice.

Step 3

Download Our Be NC Ready App

Download our Be NC Ready App available by searching the App Store or Google Play for “Be NC Ready”. Term-specific information will be released on the app one month before the start of term. Stay tuned!

Step 4

Niagara College’s first priority is the health and safety of our students.

To find out about Niagara College’s quarantine plan, click here.

Step 5

If You Have Not Already Paid At Least Your First Semester Fees (Full-Year Fees Are Recommended) Please Pay By The Due Date Listed On Your Most Recent Invoice.

Note: fee payment is required to confirm your seat and must have been received before the NC Quarantine Team will work on your quarantine request. Failure to pay by the due date may result in your offer being rescinded).

Click here for Payment Portal

If you have already made a payment, your payment receipt will be emailed to your student email within 10 business days.

If you paid using the CIBC portal, your receipt will be available within 5 -10 business days after your payment is made.

Click here to access your payment receipt via MyNC Student Portal.

Step 6

Make Sure Any Outstanding Documents Have Been Submitted:

  • Outlined in the “Conditions of Acceptance” section of your Acceptance Package
  • Submit by emailing [email protected]

Step 7

If You Have Not Already, Apply For A Study Permit

  • Make sure you have received your study permit approval prior to starting your academic program.

To obtain up to date information on applying for a study permit for Canada and processing, visit these helpful IRCC webpages:
Studying in Canada as an international student
Study permit program delivery

Step 8

Submit Your Student Identification (Id) Photo Through Your Mync Portal

Click here to log into your MyNC portal

Step 9

Keep Up-To-Date On The Latest News At Niagara College By Regularly Checking Niagara College Online Resources

  • Make sure you keep up-to-date on the latest news on College operations and measures by clicking here on a regular basis.
  • For on-campus access and safety measures, click here.
  • Monitor NC’s dedicated website for the latest on institutional updates and college-wide Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by clicking here and visit NC International’s dedicated website for messaging translations and FAQs specific to international students by clicking here.

Step 10

Check The Technology Requirements For Your Program

Click here for the list of requirements

Step 11

Make Sure You Check Your Nc Student Email Regularly.

  1. You will receive important information on obtaining your non-discretionary travel letter (if applicable), how-to sign-up for Orientationselect your timetable and other key details.
  2. HINT: Check out your MyNC portal to log in to your email

All Niagara College official communications will be sent to your NC student email.

Step 12

Review Your Registration Guide:

    • HINT: These are posted approximately one month before the start of the term

Step 13

Register For International Student Orientation

Click here to visit the International Student Orientation page

Step 14

Complete The Be Nc Ready Modules

There are 10 modules that Niagara College strongly advises students to complete prior to the start of class. Additional modules are also available. These modules are free and take approximately 5 minutes to complete each one.

Click here to see all modules and those that are essential. Make sure you complete the Be NC Quarantine module before you travel as this is a mandatory requirement for your quarantine approval.

Step 15

Review The New Student Checklist

Visit the “College Essentials” page to review the new student checklist by clicking here.

Step 16

Select Your Timetable

Timetable selection schedules are released prior to each term and are announced on the MyNC homepage under “Announcements”. Schedules are available in PDF format. Students in each program will complete their online timetable selection at a specific date and time, so be sure to check the schedule. Log into your MyNC account and select timetable.

*Timetable selection does not apply to English for Academic Preparation (EAP) students.

Click here for timetable selection instructions.

Step 17

Review Your Courses On Blackboard

This is where you will find details about each course, announcements and contact information from your professors. Review the various tabs available when you click on each course.

It is also important to review the course information (also called Teaching and Learning Plan/TLP) found in each of the courses as well.  Once available, you will be able to check the delivery schedule of your courses, including scheduled assessments and due dates; review your textbook list in order to purchase required textbooks; and other details specific to each course as outlined by the professor.

Note: Some courses and TLPs may not be available until the start of class.

Remember to check your MyNC portal and NC student email account regularly for important updates.

Step 18

Guard.Me International Insurance

Every international student in Canada requires insurance to cover their emergency medical needs.  Your policy provides emergency health insurance benefits for new emergencies such as illnesses or injuries. Niagara College orders insurance for every international student every term to be sure you stay healthy and safe.  The charge is included in the international student tuition fees.

For more information on insurance, please visit:

If you have questions about Niagara College and your program delivery, email [email protected]. If you have questions about your insurance, please contact at [email protected].

Step 19

Start Classes

Click here to check out other important dates this term