Homestay/Landing Pad Application

Note: Homestay & Landing Pad fees will increase to $750/month as of January 2018. Homestay requires first and last month fee be paid on arrival

We will continue to match students to host families for their arrival based on the date application were received. Homestay placement requires a minimum of 2 weeks from date of receipt to process. If you have your visa approved and submit the application successfully, the Homestay Confirmation will be sent 3-4 weeks before your program start date. For very early arrivals, please consider:

  • Many services, such as your UPass, campus facilities such as gym access and student insurance will not take effect until the beginning of your orientation.
  • Buy your own bus rides for prior to that period of time.
  • Plan to keep yourself busy. Use the time to learn the area and campus. Please try to avoid staying at home alone.
  • For your orientation registration and agenda please visit

Students should note the following:

  • prepared to make adjustments to the host family space available
  • remember we cannot guarantee preferences will be met
  • if you wish to cancel your application please notify us at as soon as possible so no fees are incurred. You’ll find our cancelation policy in our Homestay Policy and Landing Pad Policy.

If you are considering the Off-Campus Living (Rental) option, we strongly recommend looking through the following sites:

Places 4 Students

NC Off-Campus Living

Here are several helpful Off Campus Rental Info and Tips.

For further options, you may consider the following facilities:

For the Welland Campus:
Best Western Plus
Residence On First

For the NOTL Campus:
Queenston Residence
Regent Residence

Remember: When choosing where to live, please keep in mind that the Niagara Region is made of several municipalities. Students attending the Niagara-on-the-Lake campus typically choose to live in the city of St. Catharines or Niagara Falls. Transportation hubs to this campus are available in those cities.

Students attending the Welland Campus are encouraged to live in Welland for convenient travel to campus.

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