EduCanada tour brings Caribbean delegation to NC

The EduCanada Guidance Counsellors and Media Tour 2018 visited Niagara College on August 3. Coote on Friday, August 3.

On August 3, Niagara College participated in the EduCanada Guidance Counsellors and Media Tour 2018, supported by the Government of Canada, and led by Yasmin Chong, trade commissioner of the High Commission of Canada in Jamaica.

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) assists Canadian companies and organizations thrive in a global marketplace and respond to international business opportunities. Through facilitating networking opportunities, connecting potential industry partners and providing market research, the TCS aims establish strategic relationships that pave the way for investment in Canada and promote international trade agreements. Therefore, the goal of the EduCanada Guidance Counsellors and Media Tour 2018 was to connect Canadian postsecondary institutions with members of secondary institutions from the Caribbean to promote Canada as a future study option for their prospective students.

As part of the delegation, NC welcomed six guidance counsellors: four from Jamaica and one each from the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas. Raquel Porter, Jamaica Observer reporter, was also in attendance to provide coverage of the tour.

Delegates participating in the EduCanada Guidance Counsellors and Media Tour 2018 meet with director of International Sean Coote during a stop at NC on August 3. As part of the delegation, NC welcomed Yasmin Chong, trade commissioner of the High Commission of Canada in Jamaica, six guidance counsellors from the Caribbean and a reporter from the Jamaica Observer.

The delegation visited various postsecondary institutions in Ontario, July 29 to August 4, to experience for themselves educational offerings in Canada, gaining a better understanding of the Canadian postsecondary system. Chong highlighted the importance of creating awareness particularly regarding the differences between college and university, explaining how many people are still unfamiliar with the concept of an applied learning environment. As key influencers in a student’s postsecondary decision, Chong believes the tour educates students of their opportunities abroad through educating their guidance counsellors.

When reflecting on her visit, Chong emphasized the advantages of NC’s Learning Enterprises. “It’s one thing to have students in a lab to gain hands-on experience, but Niagara College provides students the opportunity to gain real-life experience through its business environment,” said Chong.

“Niagara College looks forward to continuing to build upon its strong relationships with educational partners from the Caribbean that have been thriving over the decades,” said Sean Coote, director of NC’s International division. “The College is committed to engaging Jamaica, the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands in new ways as part of NC’s international student recruitment and international partnership strategies.”

Currently, NC and Excelsior Community College (ECC) in Kingston, Jamaica have an agreement that provides a pathway for students in Excelsior’s business programs to further their studies at NC.

For prospective students from the Bahamas, NC is the first choice in Ontario. This prominence is supported through numerous strategic initiatives, such as NC hosting various Caribbean delegations this past April as part of NC’s largest series of prospective international student tours at NC. More than 130 students from Aruba, the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic toured NC, and learned more about studying at NC from staff and faculty.

By hosting NC’s educational partners, such as the delegation from EduCanada Guidance Counsellors and Media Tour 2018, NC is able to strengthen its image and impact in Caribbean countries, helping more students fulfill their dreams in Canada.

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