Landing In Canada

Please note:

When handed your study permit, check that your personal information as well as the expiry date are correct.

Ensure all steps from Before You Leave Home section are complete!

When you arrive at the airport or port of entry you should be ready to present the following documents:
  • valid passport and/or travel document which contains either:
    • a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) OR;
    • electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). If you have an approved eTA, it will be linked to the passport that you used to apply for your study permit.
  • letter of introduction the visa office sent you when they approved your study permit (this letter has your permit reference number which is used to issue your study permit).
  • printed copy of your Niagara College Letter of Acceptance (LoA).
  • printed copy of your Niagara College co-op work term letter (if applicable). To find out if you need a co-op permit, see the Niagara College co-op program list or contact the International Department.
  • letters of reference, or any other documents the visa office advised you to bring.
  • proof of financial preparedness; you must be able to demonstrate you have financial support during your stay in Canada – this can include your tuition receipt showing you have paid your tuition/school fees.
  • Disclosure of funds: If you arrive in Canada with more than CAN$10,000, you must inform the government officer. If you do not let the officer know, you could be fined, and your funds could be seized. This includes: cash, securities that belong to you (for example, stocks, bonds, debentures, treasury bills), or bankers’ drafts, cheques, traveler’s cheques or money orders.
  • Citizens or residents of the United States, Greenland, and St. Pierre et Miquelon can apply for their study permit at the port of entry with all of the appropriate documents
  • Any other documents recommended by the visa office where you applied
  • Review your terms Registration Guide and Important DatesNOTE: registration guides are updated approximately 2 months prior to each term start.
  • Approximately one month prior to term start, you will be eligible to Select Your Timetable if all outstanding conditions for your program are fulfilled, you have made payment to Niagara College as per the amount listed in your Letter of Acceptance or Final Invoice, and presented Niagara College with a copy of your approved study permit.

A formal orientation is offered for all of Niagara’s academic programs to provide you with a warm NC welcome, and transition to College life. This is a great way to meet teachers and connect with your classmates while learning what to expect from your program. We strongly recommend attending orientation as it eases the stress of the first week of classes. Orientation usually begins the week before classes start and this information will be emailed to you in advance as well as uploaded to our Orientation webpage.

To welcome international students to the Niagara community, Niagara College offers a series of workshops and events designed to help you better transition to a new life and a new country. You can also attend workshops such as: Health Insurance Support, Co-op/Post Graduate Work Permits and employment readiness. Additionally, you can take part in social events that will help you get to know your fellow students and to discover your new city surroundings including trips to Niagara Falls and the CN Tower, downtown walking tours of Toronto, movie nights, sporting events among other exciting events!