Danish students return to NC for customized business program

This article was published on: January 13th, 2023

A group of students standing and kneeling, smiling at camera.

As part of Roskilde Business College (RBC)’s Study Abroad – World Class program, Niagara College welcomed 31 students for a customized business program from September 1 to November 1, 2023.

NC enjoys a flourishing relationship with RBC, which is one of Denmark’s longest standing business colleges, and has been welcoming RBC students since 2016. This past fall marked the first time that NC welcomed a cohort from RBC since the pandemic.

A man and women with three graduating students wearing purple caps and gowns.

School of Business and Management Studies Professors, John and Monique Finely, and RBC homestay students Isabella Angela Tersløv Branco, Ida Engmann and Cecilie Rosenberg Lundgreen (from left to right).

In addition to their business studies, Danish students further developed their global competencies through a series of social and cultural activities that provided them a truly authentic Canadian experience. Students participated in a trip to Toronto, experienced Halloween Haunt at Canada’s Wonderland and attended an Ontario Hockey League game, cheering on the Niagara Icedogs. Through the program, students will also travel to Berlin in Spring 2023.

RBC students celebrated their customized training at NC through a graduation ceremony on October 28. Cindy Andrews, former Manager of Global Customized Training and Consulting, presented students with certificates of completion, while the professors on stage to congratulate the students.

The RBC students were fully immersed in Canadian culture in and out of the classroom to gain a true international experience by living with one of NC’s homestay families.

“My host mom Melissa is the best host mom I could ever wish for,” said RBC student, Johanne Ravnholt Mejlbro. “The two other girls who lived there are people I’m really close with now, too. It was definitely a very safe and fun house.”

School of Business and Management Studies Professors, Monique and John Finley, hosted three RBC students through NC’s Homestay program.

“We had space in our home and were open to offering help to student visitors to Niagara College,” shared Monique Finely. “Little did we realize that the three Danish students we took into our homes would bring such joy, youth, and vitality to our everyday lives. Given the lovely note they left us we have reason to believe that our influence on their Canadian experience was as wonderful as their influence on our lives. We were very sad to see them return home and can hardly wait for next fall to open our hearts and home to new visitors.”

For more information regarding the Homestay program visit: international.niagaracollege.ca/student-services/housing-options/homestay/