College welcomes international students to Summer English program


Students are able to strengthen their cultural competencies and gain a better understanding of Canadian culture as well as various other cultures from around the world. Pictured are three students during the orientation festivities on July 30.

On Monday, July 30, Niagara College hosted the Summer English program’s August orientation at the Welland Campus.

More than 45 students were welcomed to the College for the second session of its Summer English program, totalling over 120 students over the course of July and August.

Students from the August intake of the Summer English program are pictured with program coordinator Shauna Gupta after winning NC swag during the orientation welcome.

Iuliia Zhukova, from Kyiv, Ukraine, is chaperoning a group of Ukrainian students attending the Summer English program from NC’s educational partner Study.UA. An English teacher herself, she looks forward to further improving her English language skills to better educate Ukrainian students and gain a better understanding of Canadian culture as it is her first time in the country. Zhukova noted that the opportunity also allows for exposure to many different cultures from around the world.

“Niagara College’s Summer English program allows you to see the world in one place,” said Zhukova. “I expect the Summer English program will bring many new life experiences and allow students to become more globalized and gain a broader outlook on life.”

Many of the Ukrainian students in the program will choose to permanently live in a foreign country and most will want to study internationally, explained Zhukova. She highlighted the importance of learning English language skills to better their opportunities abroad as well as starting to build a foundation of cultural competencies, enhance their problem-solving skills in a foreign environment and developing their ability to adapt to new surroundings/

“I believe this opportunity will allow students to further develop themselves,” she said.

Summer English program coordinator Shauna Gupta welcomes students from around the world for the August session of the program.

The Summer English program also invites NC’s educational partners from around the world to enhance their English language skills for both career advancement and professional growth.

Vincente Montoya, a mature student from Lima, Peru, enrolled in the August session of the Summer English program to further develop professionally in his role as a monitor and evaluation specialist at Colleges and Institutes Canada (CiCan) – an association that represents Canada’s colleges and institutes.  Being a part of CiCan’s network, NC staff and faculty worked with Montoya during the Education for Employment (EFE) project in Peru. It was this positive working relationship with NC that led Montoya to enrol in the August session of NC’s Summer English program as a professional development opportunity and to advance his career in hopes of expanding his global opportunities at CiCan.

While some students enrolled in the Summer English program are largely attracted to the program’s language skills learnings, others are more motivated by the cultural education offered. The relationships built in the program’s global classroom have even inspired students to enrol consecutive summers, feeling at home at NC and finding a place to develop personally and professionally in Canada.

This session of the Summer English program takes place July 30 to August 24 and will conclude with a graduation ceremony on August 24.

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