College welcomes Chinese delegation
focused on improving healthcare

A delegation from Guanghua International Education Association (GIEA) in China tour NC’s nursing lab .

Niagara College hosted a delegation of more than 40 individuals from a not-for-profit organization in China called Guanghua International Education Association (GIEA) on August 14, 2018.

GIEA is an innovative international education corporation aimed to improve and promote healthcare. Uniting scientific research and education, it is a leading organization in international nursing education.

“GIEA is pleased to have recently been endorsed by the Ministry of Education, Central Government of China, to lead on the development of a series of Centres of Innovation and Excellence in Health Education,” said GIEA’s vice president and secretary general, Lihua Gong. “We view robust partnerships with Canadian colleges, some of whom may be chosen to be affiliated as International Collaborating Centres, as important to achieving the ambitious and transformational agenda set forth by the Chinese Government.”

In addition to Gong, the delegation consisted of GIEA’s senior advisor of international priorities and programs, Don Wildfong as well as 15 nursing students and more than 25 nursing and rehabilitation science faculty from multiple Chinese colleges. The delegation toured the Welland Campus, with a focus on NC’s nursing labs.

Zhang Wei is a member of the pharmacy faculty from Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China and was part of the delegation on August 14. During the tour, he said he was impressed by the nursing labs and shared that they were a great way for students to practice the necessary steps to save a patient and test their skills to help students understand all areas of their profession.

The delegates also experienced a presentation regarding Niagara College and their day concluded with discussions on potential future collaborations between Niagara College and GIEA.

“We are excited to have entered into exploratory discussions with Niagara College and view this as an opportunity to bring high-quality educational and training to students enrolled in health studies programs in Chinese colleges and health-care providers working in China,” said Gong. “Supporting the needs of a rapidly aging Chinese population and the modernization of the health and education sectors in China is a top priority.”

“Movement toward new collaborative opportunities with NC is something that GIEA is keen to move on. We very much look forward to finalizing key projects of mutual benefit between our two organizations as we work to realize our commitment to bringing the best the world has to offer in the area of health education and workforce development in nursing, rehabilitation sciences and seniors care, for the betterment of our societies.”

Strengthening global education in the medical field, Niagara College continues to collaborate with partners worldwide to share best practices in healthcare education.

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