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Become a PAL for Students

Remember when you were finalizing your plans to study at Niagara College? Did you wish for more pre/post-arrival support to help smooth your transition to life in Canada? Since you have successfully walked this path before, we think that you are the best resource for supporting new students!

As a PAL (Pre-Arrival Link) Mentor, you will help new students to learn and grow within the broader NC community. This volunteer opportunity is also eligible for credit on your Co-Curricular Record!

become a pal mentor, niagara college international

As a PAL Mentor you will

  • Successfully complete PAL mentor training
  • Be available as needed for mentee inquiries throughout the PAL mentor commitment
  • Provide timely replies to questions from mentees
  • Attend orientation to meet mentees face to face
  • Educate mentees to navigate and utilize college and community resources
  • Contact every mentee two weeks after orientation to follow up on their transition

Registration is Now Closed

What people are saying about the PAL Mentor Program

"Helping new students was a very good experience. Not long ago I was in the same situation as them. Most students arrive here without knowing anyone, from places where the culture is very different, and all this can be scary at first. Everything is new and different, and having someone to count on makes all that easier. I felt that I really helped my mentees, and I am glad that I was able to do that. The PAL Mentor program makes a positive difference in the new arrival students' life." —Larissa
"My PAL Mentor program experience was awesome, from training until orientation. I got the opportunity to meet international students and I like to send them emails; when they answer back it's amazing. I totally enjoyed orientation." —Aishwarya
"It's a great opportunity to make new friends from different countries." —Askhat
"The PAL Mentor Program keeps improving and it's helping new students even more than before. Every time it's like a new experience as a Mentor, you get all excited with the new mentees and can't wait to meet them and see them doing well in their new life. For the new students, it feels great to be able to count on someone, to have someone to ask questions to, and to have someone giving you some guidance, even more when it's by a person that was in your place before. I strongly recommend the PAL Mentor program!" —Larissa
"It was a great and a memorable experience. It's an awesome opportunity to make a lot of new friends. I hope I can volunteer again!" —Komal
"It was a great experience for me all around." —Parav