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Program Availability

Open Applications are being accepted
Waitlisted You will be notified if a seat becomes available
No Intake No intake offered this term
Closed No new applications are being accepted

The status of the programs are noted as of January 13, 2017 4:13 pm

IMPORTANT: The program status under the Start Dates provided on Niagara College’s main website does not apply to International students. Please ensure that you are referencing the program availability information on NC International’s website before you apply to any program.

Table Legend

  • WC = Welland Campus
  • NL = Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus
  • NF = Niagara Falls Campus

  • DEGR = Undergraduate Degree
  • DIPL = Undergraduate Diploma
  • GCRT = Graduate Certificate
  • UCRT = Undergraduate Certificate
  • ADIP = Undergraduate Advanced Diploma
CodeNameCampusCredentials # Years2017 Winter2017 Spring2017 Fall
0198Acting For Film & TelevisionWCDIPLTwo YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0188Art and Design Foundation (1 Year)WCUCRTOne YearNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
6000Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Hospitality) NLDEGRFour YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
6000Honours Bachelor of Business Administration - Hospitality (sponsored)NLDEGRFour YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeClosed
6003Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Human Resources)NLDEGRFour YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
6003Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Human Resources) (sponsored)NLDEGRFour YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeClosed
6002Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (International Commerce and Global Development)NLDEGRFour YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
6002Honours Bachelor of Business Administration - International Commerce and Global Development (sponsored)NLDEGRFour YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeClosed
0458Baking & Pastry ArtsNLUCRTOne YearNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0780Brewmaster & Brewery Operations Management NLDIPLTwo YearsClosedClosedOpen
0122Broadcasting - Radio, Television & Film WCADIPThree YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0423Business - AccountingNLDIPLTwo YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0423Business - Accounting (Co-op) NLADIPThree Years ClosedNo IntakeOpen
0401Business AdministrationNLADIPThree YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0401Business Administration - Human Resources (Co-op)NLADIPThree YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0401Business Administration - International BusinessNLADIPThree YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0401Business Administration - Marketing (Co-op)NLADIPThree YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0401Business Administration – Supply Chain and Operations Management (Co-op) NLADIPThree YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0450Business Administration - Professional Golf Management (Co-op)NLADIPThree YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0470Business - GeneralNLDIPLTwo YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0448Business - International BusinessNLDIPLTwo YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0451Business - Sales & MarketingNLDIPLTwo YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0760Civil Engineering TechnicianWCDIPLTwo YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0170Community & Justice Services (Correctional Worker)WCDIPLTwo YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0717Computer Engineering Technician WCDIPLTwo YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0411Computer Programmer WCDIPLTwo YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0414Computer Programmer Analyst (Co-op)WCADIPThree YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0474Computer Systems Technician - Network & Cloud TechnologiesWCDIPLTwo YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0708Construction Engineering Technology (Construction Management) WCADIPThree YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0753Carpentry and Renovation Techniques WCUCRTOne YearNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0464Culinary Innovation & Food Technology (Co-op)NLADIPThree YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0435Culinary Management (Co-op)NLDIPLTwo YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0454Culinary SkillsNLUCRTOne YearClosedNo IntakeOpen
0101Dental Assisting (Levels I and II)WCUCRTOne YearNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0151Dental Office AdministrationWCUCRTOne YearNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0798Digital PhotographyWCDIPLTwo YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0102Early Childhood EducationWCDIPLTwo YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0103Educational Assistant - Special Needs Support WCDIPLTwo YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0709Electrical Engineering Technician WCDIPLTwo YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0707Electrical Engineering Technology (Co-op)WCADIPThree YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0758Electrical Techniques WCUCRTOne YearClosedOpenOpen
0710Electronics Engineering Technician WCDIPLTwo YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0703Electronics Engineering Technology (Co-op)WCADIPThree YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0736Environmental Technician - Field & Laboratory (Co-op) NLDIPLTwo YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0395EstheticianNLDIPLTwo YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0232Fitness & Health PromotionWCDIPLTwo YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0441Game DevelopmentWCADIPThree YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0832General Arts & Science - February StartWCUCRTOne YearNo IntakeNo IntakeNo Intake
0820/0825General Arts & Science - College Exploration (1 year)WC/NLUCRTOne YearClosedOpenOpen
0824General Arts & Science - Pre-Media & DesignWCUCRTOne YearNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0841General Arts & Science - Degree Transfer (2 Year)NLDIPLTwo YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0177Graphic Design (3 Year)WCADIPThree YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0777Greenhouse TechnicianNLDIPLTwo YearsClosedNo IntakeNo Intake
0737Greenhouse Technician (Co-op)NLDIPLTwo YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0397HairstylingNFDIPLTwo YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0771Horticultural Technician (Academic)NLDIPLTwo YearsClosedNo IntakeNo Intake
0111Horticultural Technician (Co-op)NLDIPLTwo YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0415Hospitality - Hotel & Restaurant Operations (Co-op)NLDIPLTwo YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0114JournalismWCDIPLTwo YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0730Landscape Horticulture TechniquesNLUCRTOne YearClosedNo IntakeOpen
0775Landscape Technician NLDIPLTwo YearsClosedNo IntakeNo Intake
0735Landscape Technician (Co-op)NLDIPLTwo YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0425Law Clerk (Co-op)NLDIPLTwo YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0755Mechanical Engineering Technician WCDIPLTwo YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0705Mechanical Engineering Technology (Co-op)WCADIPThree YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0754Mechanical Techniques - General MachinistWCUCRTOne YearNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0740Motive Power Technician – Automotive (Co-op)WCDIPLTwo YearsClosedWaitlistedOpen
0747Motive Power Techniques - Automotive WCUCRTOne YearClosedNo IntakeOpen
0157New Media Web DesignWCDIPLTwo YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0195Occupational/Physio - Therapist AssistantWCDIPLTwo YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeClosed
0422Office Administration - Executive (Co-op)NLDIPLTwo YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0431Office Administration - GeneralNLUCRTOne YearClosedNo IntakeNo Intake
0463Office Administration – Health ServicesMLDIPLTwo YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0942Personal Support WorkerWCUCRTOne YearClosedOpenOpen
0813Pharmacy TechnicianWCDIPLTwo YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeClosed
0750Photonics (Laser) Engineering Technician WCDIPLTwo YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0751Photonics (Laser) Engineering Technology WCADIPThree YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0200Police FoundationsWCDIPLTwo YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0819Pre-Community Services WCUCRTOne YearClosedNo IntakeOpen
0802Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Certificates and DiplomasWCUCRTOne YearNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0804Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and DegreesWCUCRTOne YearNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0817Pre-Technology WCUCRTOne YearNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0211Protection, Security and Investigation (Private Security) WCDIPLTwo YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0212Protection, Security and Investigation (Customs Border Services)WCDIPLTwo YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0159Recreation & Leisure ServicesWCDIPLTwo YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0178Recreation Therapy WCDIPLTwo YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0765Renewable Energies Technician WCDIPLTwo YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0757Carpentry and Renovation TechnicianWCDIPLTwo YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0811Community Pharmacy AssistantWCUCRTOne YearNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0196Sport ManagementNLADIPThree YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0428Tourism Management - Business Development (Co-op) NLDIPLTwo YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0761Welding Technician WCDIPLTwo YearsClosedNo IntakeOpen
0756Welding TechniquesWCUCRTOne YearClosedNo IntakeOpen
0738Winery & Viticulture Technician NLDIPLTwo YearsNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
Graduate Programs
0250Advanced Law Enforcement & Investigations WCGCRTOne YearNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
2120Advanced LasersWCGCRTOne YearNo IntakeNo IntakeNo Intake
0192Autism & Behavioural ScienceWCGCRTOne YearNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0770Commercial BeekeepingNLUCRTOne YearClosedNo IntakeOpen
0964Community Mental HealthWCGRCTOne YearClosedOpenOpen
2000Ecosystem RestorationNLGCRTOne YearNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0234Environmental Management & Assessment NLGCRTOne YearClosedNo IntakeOpen
0274Environmental Management & Assessment NFGCRTOne YearNo IntakeNo IntakeNo Intake
0185Event Management NLGCRTOne YearNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0260Exercise Science for Health & PerformanceWCGCRTOne YearNo IntakeNo IntakeClosed
2058Geographic Information Systems - Geospatial Management NLGCRTOne YearNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0966GerontologyWCGCRTOne YearClosedOpenOpen
0461Hospitality & Tourism Management NLGCRTNo IntakeOpenOpen
0471Hospitality & Tourism Management NFGCRTOne YearClosedNo IntakeNo Intake
0452Human Resources ManagementNLGCRTOne YearClosedNo IntakeOpen
0790Industrial AutomationWCGRCTOne YearNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0447International Business ManagementNLGCRTNo IntakeOpenOpen
0487International Business Management NFGCRTOne YearClosedNo IntakeNo Intake
0962Palliative CareWCGCRTOne YearClosedOpenOpen
0171Public RelationsWCGCRTOne YearNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0305Teaching English as a Second LanguageWCGCRTOne YearNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
0275Wine Business Management NLGCRTOne YearNo IntakeNo IntakeOpen
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